Our goal is to create a unique dream school that truly has our students' best interests in mind. We are building a foundation for life-long learning that promotes contributing to society. We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.
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Our professionally trained teachers and hybrid methods help our young learners to reach their full potential in the most unique kindergarten in Southeast Asia.
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Young Hawks Program

Our Young Hawks Program is an opportunity for parents and their babies to experience our classrooms in a stress-free way. Your child will socialize with others and get comfortable inside the classroom.
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Childhood should be a time of wonder and joy

Our facilities are custom
Designed for kids

Young Hawks

Our Young Hawks Program provide an opportunity for parents and their babies to experience a learning environment, where the class has been specially prepared for young children.


What we do differently is we are using Carroll Prep Method which developed from Mr. Carroll’s teaching experience in Thailand and America over the past 30 years.

Primary School

Primary Thai Curriculum & International Standard

Conditions of Admission

At Carroll Prep we do not believe in giving children high pressure entrance exams. We can teach any child and it is our responsibility to adapt to your child’s individual needs and skills. We do, however, seek to build a supportive community of parents who share our goals and are willing to reinforce our methods at home.

After your child has been admitted to Carroll Prep they will be assessed at that time. This will allow us to tailor our curriculum to your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Once that assessment is complete, you will sit down with our academic team and we will discuss reasonable goals and expectations for your child to achieve during the semester.


Carroll Prep is the best Kindergarten - Primary & Preschool in Bangkok
Carroll Prep is the best Kindergarten - Primary & Preschool in Bangkok


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About Us

Carroll Prep is the most unique learning environment in Southeast Asia. Our family has over 40 years of experience in education, but we are constantly striving to be up-to-date with the most innovative and effective methods for educating children.


Our "Urban Concept" design is similar to ones found in places like New York or Tokyo, and it is ideal for a city environment. Playgrounds and other activity spaces are contained within the building allowing us to control the air quality and temperature of the playground too.


We offer instruction in four languages: English, Thai, Chinese and Spanish. Our teachers are highly trained and use consistent methods which helps improve language acquisition.


The "one-room schoolhouse" design is common is places like rural America. It offers many advantages. Younger students get a preview of future learning and they will have older students as role-models. At the same time, older students get to review material and they can mentor their younger peers.


Reading is a big priority at Carroll Prep, and therefore our entire school design is built around creating quiet spaces to enjoy a good book. Many of the "trees" inside the school act as book shelves or reading nooks, and the library itself is inside of a "tree" with many fun ways to encourage a love of reading.


A hungry child should eat! Therefore, our canteen is open throughout the school day and children can stop in for a snack any time they are hungry. Children also prepare their own meals and even grow their own food in our two outdoor gardens.


Being a student at Carroll Prep means learning to be a good member of the community. Our students and parents are expected to care about their school, their community, their nation, and the world at large. We aim to create problem-solvers who wish to make the world a better place for everyone.



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Location and Contacts

105/1 Bon Marche Building G Ladyao Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Email: info@carrollprep.ac.th
Phone Numbers:
02 954 2168