About US

Carroll Prep is a unique hybrid school that uses a Thai approach to achieve international academic standards. The Carroll Method emphasizes collaboration, critical thinking skills, self reliance, and emotional stability to produce a creative and self-confident citizen of the world.

Our goal is to help children reach their full potential in a less stressful manner. We have the most unique school building in Southeast Asia, and our teachers are dedicated to academic excellence while at the same time ensuring a childhood filled with joy and wonder. Our students play, explore, and learn in an environment filled with beauty and adventure. Each student gets a customized curriculum tailored to his/her individual needs.

We welcome students of all abilities and backgrounds because we believe every child loves to learn.

Develop soft skills


Our students will learn how to share and cooperate, to work together and take turns, to participate in group activities, to follow simple directions, and to communicate wants and needs. 

Time management

Children can learn how to manage their time at a very young age. At Carroll Prep, we schedule free time for our students. The blocks of time to do nothing are great moments in learning time management. 

Stress Management

We provide an opportunity to our students to manage age-appropriate stress, guide them to problem solve and aware of their emotion. We teach basic relaxation exercises such as slow deep breaths and meditation.


We want our students to grow up to be contributing members of society, who can think critically about the world and express their ideas and beliefs with conviction and confidence. To be successful in this world, they need to be able to communicate their thinking to others.