Carrolls Founder

George Carroll’s journey into education is deeply rooted in his family’s childcare business. In 2005, he established his own learning center, drawing on the wealth of knowledge and values passed down from his upbringing. Over the next two decades, George meticulously adapted these insights to meet the unique needs of students in Thailand, embodying a 40-year family legacy in education. At Carroll Prep, we proudly carry forward this legacy through our unique “Carroll Method,” a meticulously crafted approach to learning that tailors a customized, self-paced curriculum for each student.


Panida Carroll plays a pivotal role in steering the business side of education at Carroll Prep. Balancing academic excellence with financial stability, her resilience has been evident in navigating challenges such as the 2011 Bangkok flood and establishing a kindergarten amidst the 2019 pandemic. Beyond her business acumen, Panida’s influence extends to her role as a mother, early childhood educator, and influential blogger with 46,000 organic followers.


Most of our shareholders are parents seeking innovative solutions in education.