Greetings from the Principal

Welcome to Carroll Preparatory School.

As parents, we understand your concerns about finding the right school for your child. We started Carroll Prep when it came time to put our own children in school. We looked around and didn’t find any school that met our standards and so we started our own.

Our new early-learning building is one of the most unique educational environments in all of Southeast Asia. We’ve created a dynamic and engaging space that will inspire your child. Our dedicated staff will help your child to reach his/her full potential, while at the same time ensuring that your child’s educational experience is free from excessive stress.

Our curriculum is designed to respect each child’s point of view and encourage students to control the direction of their learning. We don’t just focus on language learning without any context or purpose. Instead, we have created a fun and supportive method that allows your child to practice and master the skills he/she is studying. Our students learn essential life skills like time management, critical thinking, perseverance, and self regulation.

Our school integrates technology into the learning experience while also ensuring that our students get plenty of hands-on experience with project-based learning methods.

A sense of wonder informs our design aesthetic, and our students will spend their day surrounded by nature and beauty. We believe that childhood should be a time of wonder and joy, and that a lot of learning happens outside the classroom. Therefore, we’ve taken our classroom “outside” and created a school that looks more like an indoor park, than the typical classrooms found in Thailand.

We’ve done away with the overcrowded white boxes and adopted the traditional one-room classroom approach that was once commonly found in America’s midwest. This comes with many advantages for our students and teachers. Younger students look to the older students as role-models, and the older students get to learn responsibility as they mentor the younger kids. This approach also alls kids to learn at their own pace. Kids who are excelling don’t have to slow down for their peers, and kids who are struggling can take their time until they truly master a skill.

We are very proud of our school and so please that your family has come to join our family. We intend to create a constructive and positive learning community, and with your feedback and support we will embark on a successful year of learning and joy.


George Carroll

Founder & Principal