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We are a multicultural and international team made up of professional teaching and non-teaching staff. We all work together to help our students achieve their full potential, both as well-rounded human beings, and in their academic, artistic and sporting activities.

We are looking for qualified professionals with provable experience.

If you share our vision and values, send us your CV at For all Carroll Prep, the safeguarding of our students is at the core of all that we do.
Before we can consider an appointment we must be in receipt of:

– Acceptable police checks from the country of origin and from all other countries in which the applicant has worked
– Appropriate references from current and previous employer, corroborated by personal phone calls made to each referee


Homeroom teachers must ensure that students are meeting national curriculum guidelines and achieving the curriculum goals of
Carroll Prep. They will be responsible for tracking progress, guiding and mentoring students, assessing student needs, and
interacting with parents, other teachers and school administrators. They will assist subject teachers in classroom management
and encourage student participation in lessons and in other school-related activities. They will also fill in for subject teachers as

Skills requirement:

  • Able to use varied teaching strategies
  • Able to assess students
  • Able to Identify Student needs
  • Good at Communication
  • Able to adjust to environment and situation
  • Able to use relevant computer software 


  • Bachelor degree in education or relevant experience
  • 3 year minimum of teaching experience
  • Good English skills

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Qualifications and Skills requirement : 

  • Planning and preparing lessons based on school’s curriculum and teaching method
  • Teaching and facilitating pupils, according to their education needs
  • Assessing and reporting the development of individual pupils
  • Organizing classrooms in a friendly and interesting way
  • Participating in meetings and other extracurricular activities
  • Being flexible in implementing multiple teaching styles suitable for each class
  • Performing other educational duties as assigned
  • Co-operate with other staff to ensure a sharing and effective usage of resources to the benefit of the school, department and students;
  • Contribute to the corporate life of the school through effective participation in meetings and management systems necessary to coordinate the management of the school;
  • Take part in marketing and liaison activities such as Open Evenings, Parents’ Evenings and other school events
  • Take responsibility for own professional development and duties in relation to school policies and practices;
  • Liaise effectively with parents

Skills requirement:

  • Able to use varied teaching strategies
  • Able to assess students and identify student needs
  • Positive and self-improvement attitude
  • Good team player
  • Willing to learn new things and adjust to multi-culture environment
  • Able to use relevant computer software 


  • Bachelor degree in education or relevant experience
  • 2 year minimum of teaching experience
  • Good English skills
  • Passion in science and technology

Spanish Teacher for Kindergarten and Primary Level


Position Overview:

We are seeking a passionate and dedicated Spanish Teacher to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in teaching Spanish to young learners, creating engaging lesson plans, and fostering a positive and supportive learning environment. The Spanish Teacher will be responsible for developing age-appropriate curriculum, implementing effective teaching strategies, and assessing student progress.



1. Develop and implement engaging lesson plans that align with kindergarten curriculum standards and learning objectives.

2. Teach Spanish language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, using a variety of instructional methods and materials.

3. Create a positive and inclusive classroom environment where students feel motivated to learn and participate actively.

4. Incorporate cultural elements into lessons to enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of Spanish-speaking cultures.

5. Assess student learning through ongoing formative assessments, observations, and occasional formal evaluations.

6. Provide timely feedback to students and parents/guardians regarding progress, achievements, and areas for improvement.

7. Collaborate with other kindergarten teachers and school staff to coordinate interdisciplinary activities and events.

8. Communicate effectively with parents/guardians to keep them informed about students’ progress, upcoming activities, and ways to support learning at home.

9. Participate in professional development opportunities to stay current with best practices in language teaching and early childhood education.

10. Maintain a safe and organized classroom environment conducive to learning and following school policies and procedures.



1. Bachelor’s degree in Education, Spanish Language/Literature, or a related field. A teaching certification is preferred.

2. Proven experience teaching Spanish to young learners, particularly in a kindergarten or early childhood setting.

3. Strong proficiency in Spanish language (native or near-native fluency) and excellent communication skills in both Spanish and English.

4. Knowledge of early childhood development principles, educational theories, and instructional strategies.

5. Ability to create engaging and developmentally appropriate lesson plans and learning activities.

6. Patience, creativity, and a passion for working with young children to inspire a love for language learning.

7. Strong classroom management skills and the ability to create a positive and respectful learning environment.

8. Flexibility, adaptability, and a collaborative mindset to work effectively within a team and with diverse learners and families.

9. Have experience in Montessori and Reggio Emilia teaching style is plus.

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