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A Good Beginning is Half the Journey to Success

Carroll Prep is committed to providing a secure physical, emotional, and intellectual environment for children. Our Young Hawks Program provide an opportunity for parents and their babies to experience a learning environment, where the class has been specially prepared for young children.

We believe that children learn by exploring and experimenting through play, therefore we aim to provide a space in which the children are exposed to a variety of experiences that enhance their total development, and encourage independence. Parents are welcome to join this class to help their children transition into their new role as students.

Young Hawks is an activities group for parents and baby age 18-30 months old. We prepare foundational skills that will help babies transition into kindergarten smoothly, such as dealing with separation anxiety, following classroom rules, listening to basic instructions, and developing fine/gross motor skills. We also give advice and tips for parents to continue practicing these skills at home.

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Calendar and Schedule

20 Week per semester

40 Week per year 

Semester 1 : June – October 

Semester 2 : November – March

Session 1

09.00-09.45 Activity 1
09.45-10.00 Break
10.00-10.45 Activity 2
10.45-11.00 Break

Session 2

11.00-11.45 Activity 1
11.45-12.00 Break
12.00-12.45 Activity 2
12.45-13.00 Break

Session 3

13.00-13.45 Activity 1
13.45-14.00 Break
14.00-13.45 Activity 2
13.45-15.00 Break

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