Easter Egg Hunt 2024

Easter Egg Hunt 2024 - Easter Sunday 2024 Events & Activities in Bangkok

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Easter Egg Hunt & Things To Do In Bangkok


When it comes to Easter, the first things many people think of are probably bunnies or uniquely patterned eggs from dyeing. But in reality, there is a profound meaning associated with Jesus Christ that many may not have known before.

Easter is considered another significant religious day for Christians, equally important as Christmas. This year, it falls on Sunday, March 31st.

Easter coincides with the ancient European celebration of welcoming the spring and blossoming flowers after months of gloom during the fall and winter seasons. Thus, Easter celebrations symbolize renewed life once again. In Western and heavily Christian-inhabited countries, Easter is celebrated with gifts, mostly various types of sweets. Families gather for meals, decorate their homes with colorful items like brooms and fresh flowers, sometimes in the shape of bunnies or eggs, which symbolize new life. And a favorite among children is the Easter Egg Hunt, where they search for hidden treats or prizes.

We organize activities for students to have fun, relax, and experience new things during their free time on the holidays, making their screen-free days enjoyable and fostering new social interactions.

Our event will take place on Sunday, March 31st.


Enjoy the experience of Easter

  1. Easter eggs painting
  2. Easter eggs hunt
  3. Face painting
  4. DIY Bunny chocolate
  5. Games and music
  6. Extra gifts from Bunny
Easter Egg Hunt 2024

Easter Egg Hunt 2024 – Easter Sunday 2024 Events & Activities in Bangkok


Easter Egg Letter Matching:

  • Write uppercase letters on one set of plastic Easter eggs and lowercase letters on another set.
  • Hide the eggs around the play area and have the children find the matching pairs of uppercase

and lowercase letters.

Easter Egg Word Building:

  • Write letters of the alphabet on plastic Easter eggs.
  • Have the children select a few eggs and arrange them to spell simple words like “egg,” “bunny,”
    or “chick.”


  • “The Bunny Hop” – Ray Anthony: A lively song with danceable moves.
  • “Five Little Bunnies” – The Kiboomers: A cute counting song for kids.

Easter Egg Hunt 2024 Sunday, March 31th, 2024 

🔔 Only Activities : Easter Egg Hunt

Price  : 990 Baht /person
Time : 2.00PM – 5.00PM
Location : Carroll Preparatory School
Age 3 -9 years old


🔔  Brunch  Time
Price : 990 Baht /person
Time: 10.00AM – 12.00PM

Location: Carroll Preparatory School (Carroll Prep)

Line OA: @carrollprep

Call: 029542168

Email: info@carrollprep.ac.th

Easter Sunday 2024 Events & Activities in Bangkok

Easter Egg Hunt 2024 – Easter Sunday 2024 Events & Activities in Bangkok
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