Panida Carroll

Mrs Panida Carroll

Founder & Co-Director

About Panida

I am a mother of two, writer, blogger and school administrator. I have a passion for learning new things and over the past 10 years in our institutions, I’ve been learning a lot about students and parents.

I have seen many different things from different environments and I’ve met many parents and students from a variety of schools. I often see the same cycle that makes learning work and not work. When students and parents come to our school, we help them by using various techniques and we also offer advice so they can handle their struggles in a better way.

I started sharing what we’ve learned from teaching on social media in order to expand the scope of what we know and to help students elsewhere.

When it was time for my own children to go to school I couldn’t find a school which met my expectations and goals. My husband and I decided to build a school the way we wanted it to be so we created Carroll Prep.

We aim to make Carol Prep the ultimate school that offers a new kind of education that children deserve. I believe that by developing this new educational system, we will make a difference to our country and the world. And that’s what we intend to do.

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