Benefits of Open Classroom

At Carroll Prep, besides the vibrant interior, one prominent feature is the open classroom concept—where classrooms lack walls, offering flexibility. This setup supports children of various abilities and ages, granting them freedom to choose and fostering active learning. Such classrooms excel at developing children’s “Sense of Self,” aligning perfectly with our core values.


Open classrooms emerged in America and England after World War II in the 1960s. While this concept may be new in Thailand, it has been established in these countries for decades.

The benefits of open classrooms for children's learning are numerous:

Individualized Support and Social Stimulation: Carroll Prep’s spaces are designed for mixed-age learning. Younger children preview upcoming lessons by observing older siblings, while older ones reinforce their knowledge by helping younger peers. In traditional classrooms, children are often confined to singular roles, whereas here, everyone gets opportunities to lead and assist, fostering a sense of pride and mutual support.

Mixed-Age Learning and Real-Life Simulation: Learning in mixed-age groups mirrors real-life societal interactions, preparing children to communicate and problem-solve effectively across different ages and roles.

Tailored Learning: Carroll Prep believes in catering to each child’s learning style, pace, and needs, ensuring no child feels incapable or loses confidence. Positive self-concept is prioritized.

Safety and Quality Control: Each floor at Carroll Prep has a Floor Captain overseeing lessons and ensuring adherence to methods. The open layout enables teachers to observe and support each other, enhancing collaboration and professional development.

Team Teaching: Addressing Thailand’s teacher retention challenges, Carroll Prep employs team teaching, where educators collaborate closely. This approach accommodates varied work preferences and promotes work-life balance, crucial in today’s changing and stressful global landscape.

Despite its advantages, the main drawback of open classrooms is noise. However, Carroll Prep mitigates this by limiting class sizes and designing wide walkways to maintain a conducive learning environment.

In conclusion, Carroll Prep’s open classroom philosophy optimizes learning experiences by embracing flexibility, individualization, and collaborative teaching methods, ensuring every child thrives in a supportive and dynamic educational environment.

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