Safety Learning at Carroll Preparatory Primary & Preschool

This document outlines the safety measures and procedures we have in place to provide the safest possible learning environment for our students and staff.  

Guiding Principles

• The health and safety of students, staff and our community are the most important.

• The educational and social emotional needs of students are best provided in a face to face learning.

• Carroll Prep is a caring employer that takes into account the specific needs of high risk employees.


PRE-K – Grade 2

• If the PCR is positive, the class remains closed for an initial 3 days while contact tracing takes place and School Management Team evaluates the safety situation

• If the PCR result is negative all students in the class will return to school

• The student testing positive remains home and those identified as high risk contacts (including household members) self isolate for 10 days

• If there are 2 positive cases in a class within a 10 day period, the class closes and moves to virtual school for 10 days

• If there are 4 positive cases in a grade level within 10 days, School Management Team will immediately meet to discuss further measures as necessary, including class closures

* If 10% of a division is classified as high risk close contacts, the whole division closes and returns to virtual school

Student Privacy & Pandemics

Carroll Prep protects our students personally identifiable information. The school can’t give names of the students who tested positive for COVID-19 without first gaining the student’s or parent’s consent. The school is responsible for determining whether to disclose on a case-by-case basis by considering all of the circumstances related to the threat.

What can we do?
– Notify information  that a student or a student who attended specific class has tested positive for COVID-19
– Contact certain students who had close contact (or in the same classroom for a certain period) with a student who has tested positive so they can choose to self-quarantine.


Our staffs are fully vaccinate                      100%

Our student age 5 years old or more       50%


Carroll Prep requires self administered home Antigen Test Kits(ATK) for everyone entering the school. Staff and students, vaccinated or not, are required to do home testing once a week on Sunday

This test is to be performed, and supervised by parents The results must be uploaded into Line Official Account.

Any student or staff member registering a positive test, or failing to submit a test result, will not be granted access to the school/ Any adult wanting to enter the school would need to provide a negative ATK result with any confirmed appointment notice.

Responsibility around Illness & Attendance

Any student or staff member who is ill should not attend school, and should be 48 hours symptom free before coming to the school. Student who show symptom will be send home immediately.