Responding to Positive COVID tests and Contact

Responding to Positive COVID tests and Contact


The key to a safe learning environment at Carroll Preparatory Primary & Preschool is sharing needed information about test results. Generally, the student will stay away from school for 7 -14 days, and the administration will determine the exact time away using the following criteria. 

  • Government regulations
  • Documentation of onset of symptoms, covid test results, vaccination status, history of

 previous COVID infections, or any combination of these.

  • Nature of exposure
  • Medical advice

Student, parent, teacher, and staff responsibilities to contact with information or 


Person with positive Covid test result

If ATK test is positive, immediately inform the school within 24 hours. 

Person with direct contact

Direct contact at school/school event – The school will contact immediately and inform the family of the case and ask for ATK if needed. If parents want student to stay home for quarantine, parent can request to do that.

Person with indirect contact

Continue to come to school (Low risk). No information or documentation is required. 

Continue with the school ATK testing schedule


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