Exploring Creativity: Students’ Artwork for Loy Krathong

As Loy Krathong approaches, our students delve into a captivating journey of learning about water pollution, the historical evolution of Thai culture, and the significance of this beautiful festival. Under the guidance of K.Pat, our Art Club leader, interested students have been passionately engaging in process art.

The journey begins with discussions on the messages we wish to convey through our artwork. We explore how art can be a powerful medium to evoke emotions and share a collective message. After careful consideration, we collectively decide on the themes and concepts for our art pieces.

Despite having only a week to work on our creations, our students have produced an array of creative and unique pieces. Working on large canvases initially intimidated some, but with courage, perseverance, and the support of their peers, they overcame their initial nervousness.


Our students learned valuable lessons during this artistic process. They discovered the importance of self-reflection, identifying areas for improvement in their work. Giving and receiving constructive feedback from friends became an essential part of the creative journey, preparing them to handle feedback graciously in the future.

Mistakes were embraced as opportunities for innovation, demonstrating that errors can enhance creativity. The pride our students feel as their artworks prepare to be showcased to a wider audience is truly palpable.


If you’re interested in acquiring a piece of our students’ creativity, please reach out to our school office. They will be delighted to connect you with these budding artists.